At the sportswear fabric fair „performance days“ Kickoff Winter 2018/19 in Munich in November, 2016, you could see a lot of muted colors mixed with strong reds, orange, turkish and new creative camouflage.


performance days_20161117_1

performance days_20161117_1

Main topic was about Hybrids – hybrids yarn, hybrid fabrics and hybrid garments in Sports clothing.













Regarding workwear, neon materials with for example 64% PA and 36% PUR (Polyurethane) with 205 g/sm were showed.

The Primaloft padding with a certain down percentage might be img_4947an interesting alternative to a 100% one.








The idea of hybrids in clothing, not only in cars, will improve the wearability and moisture transport, keeps the body zones warm that cool down quickly and increase the training effects.