Wearables and E-textiles in Berlin

„Wear It Festival on 19 and 20 June 2018 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin brings together the most successful innovators in the Wearables and E-textile industry to present a new generation of digital clothing. Time is pressing – today’s customers expect lifestyle products to understand them and respond to individual needs with digital services.


The international conference provides the necessary platform for players in all application sectors to jointly drive the development of the digital market.“ the press announces on the website of wearit- berlin.

Why carry your devices if you can wear your technology instead? https://www.facebook.com/wearitberlin/videos/1000953736713359/


Digitized clothing


Revolution digitized clothing: the fusion of technology with the fashion world

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Wear It Festival connects the international Wearables Scene in Berlin







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Trailer Fashionweek


The trailer Berlin Fashion Week January 2018 gives you a quick overview about 16 – 19th events:




What says Wiki about wearables?


„Wearable technology is related to both ubiquitous computing and the history and development of wearable computers. Wearables make technology pervasive by incorporating it into daily life.


Through the history and development of wearable computing, pioneers have attempted to enhance or extend the functionality of clothing, or to create wearables as accessories able to provide users with sousveillance — the recording of an activity typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies. Tracking information like movement, steps, and heart rate is part of the quantified self movement.

The origins of wearable technology are influenced by both of these responses to the vision of ubiquitous computing.

One early piece of widely adopted wearable technology was the calculator watch, which was introduced in the 1980s. An even earlier wearable technology was the hearing aid.

In 2004, fashion design label CuteCircuit unveiled a Bluetooth-connected electronics called the HugShirt at the CyberArt Festival in Bilbao, Spain, where it won the Grand Prize at the festival.


The HugShirt, designed for tele-transmitting touch over distance, differs from previous early wearable technology examples (e.g. watches or the helmet designs of wearable computing in the 1990s) because the product is the first wearable technology that took the form of a garment of clothing.


As such, it is also the first piece of Bluetooth-connected and internet-connected clothing. This product was included in Time magazine’s „Best Inventions of the Year“ special issue.
In 2008, Ilya Fridman incorporated a hidden Bluetooth microphone into a pair of earrings.


Around the same time, the Spy Tie appeared, a „stylish neck tie with a hidden color camera“. A survey conducted by Vanson Bourne in the UK in 2015 found that almost half (56%) of those surveyed said that wearable tech was a fad.


Fitbit released its first wearable around 2009; Fitbit products have primarily focused upon activity tracking. In the following years smartwatches began to be released by major electronics companies. One of the first offerings was the Samsung Galaxy Gear which dropped in September 2013. Apple quickly followed suit with the Apple Watch in April 2015.“


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